Headaches: What causes them?

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Headaches have been causing problems for people all over the world since the beginning of time! Whilst the severity of headaches can vary, there are many similarities amongst people that experience headaches.
If you have a headache or have ever suffered one, you may be interested in the following.
· 90 % of us suffer from some form of headache at least once in life resulting in a visit to a health professional for treatment.
· The three most common types are: Muscle/ Tension type headache, the headache that comes from the joints of your neck, and Migraine.
· Muscle or tension headaches involve the muscles that travel from the base of your skull, down the neck, and out to the shoulder. These muscles can often be felt as a tight band when you rub your fingers across the area, halfway between the shoulder and the neck.
· Neck related headaches usually involve the upper three neck vertebrae. Limited movement of these vertebrae can send pain signals to various parts of the head, sometimes to directly behind the eye!
· Studies have shown that for Migrane sufferers, aerobic type exercise can be effective in reducing the intensity of headache, and improving the mood of sufferers.
· Despite exercise, however, the source of the headache may still be present due to limited movement of the neck vertebrae, tightness in muscles of the neck and shoulder area, or posture.
· Don’t suffer in silence. Musculoskeletal Physiotherapists are very effective at assessing the cause and treating headache to relieve the symptoms. They examine the movement of each cervical vertebrae to identify problem joints, trigger points in muscles, and lack of strength in your neck muscles which lead to poor posture.
· Physiotherapy treatment for headache involves improving movement of the neck vertebrae (movement with or without adjustment), muscle release techniques, posture correction, home exercise, and even dry needling or acupuncture.
So, if you experience any of the wide variety of headaches, make an appointment with a qualified Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist at Strathalbyn Physiotherapy, and get relief!

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