Neuro Orthopaedic Institute

The Pain Toolkit

Managing day-to-day life with chronic pain can leave you feeling isolated, irritable, lethargic, unhappy, defeated, and with a sense of hopelessness.
It’s important to try and wrestle back your life and try to overcome the limitations that your body seems to be placing on you.
The Neuro Orthopaedic Institute ( ) is an Adelaide based organization that has been focussed on developing a better understanding of chronic pain.

Through their research, workshops and resources, they are educating therapists and people that suffer with chronic pain to better understand:
· the basis of what perpetuates chronic pain,
· the changes that occur to our thought processes with chronic pain,
· strategies to deal with chronic pain.

Here is a list of 12 strategies they recommend to help people see a way through the challenges of dealing with Chronic Pain. ( )

1. Accept that you have persistent pain, and move on
2. Get Involved- Building a support team
3. Pacing. Learning to pace yourself
4. Learn to prioritise and plan out your days
5. Setting Goals and Action Plans
6. Being patient with yourself
7. Learn relaxation skills and keep relaxed
8. Keeping fit. Stretching and Exercise
9. Keep a diary and track your progress
10. Have a set-back plan to fall back on
11. Teamwork. Get involved with others
12. Keeping it up. Put into practise tools 1-11

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