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Strathalbyn Physiotherapy provides you with KEY insights into the state of your Physical Health

Each of the physiotherapists within our practice have unique assessment skills, gained through specialist training, that help enable us to more easily identify the “time-line” of injury, and whether the recent injury was “an accident waiting to happen”. In some cases, this type of assessment helps highlight the warning signs that may have been present, but ignored, leading to a potentially debilitating injury.

The assessment involves many elements, taking into account a detailed history of lifestyle, work, previous sport or exercise, amongst other physical examination elements, and builds a picture of your TISSUE HEALTH BEFORE INJURY. 

Both through the process of discussing and understanding the “lead-up” to your injury, and through our physiotherapist’s explanation, advice and management, we will help you recognise the early signs of any likely recurrence, enabling you to manage it better, and avoid further, sometimes significant injury!