Articles of Interest

The following articles are for your interest, and reflect the most current thinking with regard to many of the conditions we see in our clinic, and other clinics around the world.

We have also compiled a list of general topics that may be of interest to you, in understanding more about your injury or physiotherapy management.


Monthly Article: Headaches



The Neuro Orthopaedic Institute helps to explain the role of our attitude and behaviour in managing chronic pain.



Early Management of Injuries. How to treat sprains or strains from the time of injury, for a quicker recovery.



Prevention of Injury in Sport. Prevention is better then cure, so prepare properly for the season ahead.



Ask a Question: If you have a topic or question that you think would make an interesting article, write to us at Strathalbyn Physiotherapy

and we will research it for you and include it in the “Articles of Interest” page.