Women’s Health

Women’s Health

Women’s Health

Strathalbyn Physiotherapy offers a comprehensive Women’s Health service to assist with issues of:

    • Incontinence, Leakage, or Prolapse;
    • Pregnancy related back/ pelvic pain;
    • Post-birth checks and help with birth related complications.

Our Women’s Health service is provided by Trish, who has a special interest and expertise in Women’s Health related issues, including: continence issues, Pre-Natal and Post-Natal care. During her time in Physiotherapy practice, Trish has worked together with some of the most highly regarded Women’s Health physiotherapists in South Australia, and is passionate about improving the quality of life for women with continence issues and helping women through the pre and post natal period.

Extended consultations are provided in all cases.

If making an appointment for a Women’s Health related issue, please let reception know, so that suitable time can be allocated, and an information sheet can be sent out to you, outlining the assessment and treatment process.

Different fees apply for Women’s Health consultations. Feel free to ask for more information at Reception.

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