Soft Tissue Therapy

Soft Tissue Therapy

Our physiotherapists are all highly trained in a variety of soft tissue techniques. In fact, Steve presents workshops and lectures at the University of SA on the topic of soft tissue assessment and treatment. Amongst the wide variety of soft tissue techniques we utilise, the main soft tissue technique of choice is Trigger Point Therapy, which:

    • has been shown through extensive research to be an effective treatment to reduce the symptoms associated with muscle tightness and holding.

    • involves identifying tender/ tight points within various muscles

    • incorporates localised moderate pressure to the trigger point with active breathing/ relaxation from the patient

Do you automatically “hold tension” through your shoulders?….Web Soft Tissue

Our technique of applying Trigger Point Therapy is extremely effective with helping patient’s who have developed long term habits of “holding” tension in their neck and shoulder regions. These “tension patterns” can result in upper back, shoulder, neck, and/ or headache symptoms.

Our techniques have been developed over many years of clinical experience and training, are unique, and take into account the latest research concepts of incorporating patient control/ behaviour in the reduction of painful symptoms.

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